6 Steps To A Perfect Promotional Products Strategy

9 out of 10 people are able to recall a brand after using a promotional product; 83% of customers are likely to do business with the brand again. That is the power of a successful promotional products strategy.

Offering promotional products is not like shooting blank. There must be a proper marketing campaign, with clearly defined goals and objectives; otherwise these products could be just as ineffective as any other poor marketing campaign.

Here are 6 steps in which businesses can ensure that their promotional products strategy is successful:

Setting Objectives

All successful marketing campaigns start by setting clear objectives of the campaign. Objectives help in setting the budget and measuring the success of the campaign once it is over.

The objectives should be consistent with the company goals and brand message. Clear cut objectives help businesses in the later stages of the planning and help in executing the whole campaign effectively.

Identifying the Target Audience

Identifying the target audience is the second step in formulating the strategy. Factors like income level, age, gender and profession of the people being targeted should be clearly defined.

This will help businesses know the tastes, preferences and wants of the target audience and choose the promotional products accordingly. Promotional products should remain in the customers’ use for as long as possible for effective brand recall.

Picking the right place or event

Once the target market is clearly defined, picking the events or places where the target audience is to be found is the next step.

If the target audience is young, then the right places to hand out promotional items could be educational conferences, University fairs, theme parks, sports events, etc.

On other hand, if the target audience are professionals, then economic trade shows are the places to be.

Keeping tabs on competitors

Keeping tabs on competitors is not only important; it can be a source of inspiration.

If businesses can identify their primary competitors in the industry, they can get a good idea about what they must include in their promotional products so that their competitors do not out-do them.

Effective Branding

Although the choice of the promotional products depends on the target audience, their color and design should be consistent with or complement the color scheme of the brand.

This may not seem to be important but colors play a big role in creating brand perceptions, and the last thing any business would want is to send conflicting brand messages through their choice of colors.

Ensuring longevity

Offering long-lasting products helps in forming favorable impressions in the minds of the customers.

Cheap products that stop working after few days will not serve any purpose in the marketing campaign, as they will be discarded after a short period of time. Customers should be able to use promotional products for longer periods so that they are constantly reminded of the brand message and value.

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