Best Tradeshow Giveaways For 2019

Tradeshows are one of the best ways a company can display their array of products and services. For many people, their decision to purchase a product or service is influenced by seeing or experiencing it firsthand, and when they are accompanied by giveaways, they attract even more attention.

Absolute Promotions has aimed to provide the finest quality promotional products for the commercial world since its inception in 1996.  Below we suggest some of the greatest giveaways for 2019 that it can offer you:

Caps and Hats:

These items can be good tradeshow giveaways as they are widely worn by both, males and females, and never go out of style for many people. Absolute Promotions offers varieties of promotional caps and hats in Perth. From sporty to chic, customers can choose from what fits their personal style best.

Polo shirts:

Polo shirts are also a unisex item worn all year round. They uniquely embody simplicity and comfort and would be an attractive item as a giveaway.

Key rings:

Pocket sized and a fun accessory, key rings can be the perfect giveaway. You have many options for key rings. These include, but are not limited to, the ‘Cosmic Key-Light’ key rings (that are light operated), ‘Wristband’ key rings, and the generic metal ones that are available in different shapes and colours.


Whether it’s noting down one’s appointment to the dentist, or simply doodling for leisure, a notebook or a notepad is always useful. They can be the best giveaway for people who like to write down their daily schedule, or simply write or draw for fun. They are also not limited to a specific audience type and are used by people of all ages.

Eco bags:

These are environmentally friendly bags that can be used for multiple miscellaneous purposes. People can use them as shopping bags as they are spacey, and also to store their wallet and other personal accessories safely.

Using these bags as giveaways and informing customers who were not yet aware of them about their advantages and uses, could prove to be beneficial for the company and the environment both- a further testimony of their multipurpose and versatile nature.


Absolute Promotions aims to offer high quality and reasonably priced promotional products, and you can have a look at all these and more on their website.