Business Promotion Ideas: Wearing Logo T-shirts

Businesses are always searching for better and more effective ways to market themselves and stay above their competition. While many new techniques have been introduced over time, giving out promotional products is still considered to be one of the best marketing strategies. This is because 85% of the consumers in Australia who receive these products are more likely to do business with these companies. This speaks volumes about the effectiveness of promotional products.

T-shirts are one of the wearable giveaways which have gained a lot of popularity mover the years. Here’s a list of reasons why these shirts are such powerful marketing tools.


Promotional shirts are very economical and can be bought in bulk at very competitive prices. This makes them an ideal choice for companies to market their brand for extended period.

Lasting Brand Recognition

Other promotional methods like newspaper ads and billboard prints are very temporary and would eventually be either recycled or put down. However, these shirts outlast all other channels of promotion and tend to be in the customer’s possession for a longer time. This enables them to learn more about your brand and advertise your brand by wearing it to their regular hangouts. Think of it this way, the wearers of your shirt will be free, walking billboards wherever they go.

Practicality and Functionality

Usually, other promotional products tend to get lost as the clients forget that they have them. However, these shirts are very practical. Since we need a new shirt every now and then, every time we pull this one out, we tend to remember the company we got it from; especially if it is of a very good quality.

Team Spirit

Apart from driving sales, these shirts can also serve as a medium for increased employee morale. By giving out shirts to all new employees, you can make them feel welcome and create a warm, inviting vibe! You can also have them wear your shirts on tradeshows and other such marketing events to portray a more united front.

Talent Acquisition

It also helps you attract new talent for your business. For instance, if painters wear shirts with the company’s logo on them, it would help bring other talented painters to your brand.

These benefits are enough to shed light on the marketing power of a promotional t-shirt. If you want your business to benefit from it as well, contact us now at 0892843322 and get a quick quote. You’re just one step away from being literally everywhere!