How to Select the Right Products for Your Promotional Strategy

Around 94% individuals are able to recall the name of the brand from whom they received a promotional product in the past 2 years. This small information is enough to know how powerful branding tools promotional products are.

However, just any product won’t work. You will need to provide a context to your promotional products so that they bring their desired effect.

Follow these guidelines if you are creating a promotional product strategy:


Any promotional strategy begins with objectives. Without objectives, you will be firing shots in the dark.

Objectives help in determining why a promotional strategy is being created; they also help evaluating the effectiveness of the promotional campaign once it is over.

An important aspect of setting objectives for a promotional campaign is to ensure that they are coherent with the long-term objectives of the business, whether it is brand-building or market growth.

Understating the Target Audience

Once the objectives have been set, it is important to understand who the target audience is. You must know the age bracket, income level and profession of the people who you will be targeting. This will help you in knowing what sort of products will be suitable to give them.

Remember that the aim is to make your customers use your product in daily life.  If the product you are giving away is not of any use to them, they will just toss it away as soon they return to their homes.

Type of Event

The type of event you are attending also makes a lot of difference on what you are giving away.

If you are attending a career fair in a university, a good giveaway would be bags and USBs, as they are very useful for university students. However, if you are attending a trade show, then giving away corporate diaries, pens and notepads would come in very handy for the audience.

So assess the type of event you are attending and think about the things that could be useful for the audience who are attending it.

Don’t Ignore the Competitors

Ignoring the competitors can prove to fatal for any sort of marketing campaign. Therefore, it is essential for you to know what kind of products your competitors usually give away at these kinds of events. Bring better products than them, or at least something that is as good as theirs.

The last thing you want is your competitors outplaying you.


The last thing that you must ensure is that your promotional products should be consistent with your brand, which includes design and colour scheme. Ensure that the products are durable and long-lasting, so that they can serve as a valuable branding tool.

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