No-Fuss, No Muss: How to Choose The Right, Budget-Friendly Business Gifts For Your Employees!

Small businesses grow and become more successful when they prioritise employees’ needs. When employees are aware of how much their company cares for them, they’re motivated to work and perform better.

One way for small businesses to show they value their employees is by using promotional products and merchandise. Rewarding employee behaviour with corporate gifts leads to more employee engagement and, ultimately, higher profits.

Absolute Promotions is here to help you make this worthwhile investment in your business. We offer customised promotional products and corporate business gifts in Perth that are high-quality and affordable. We also offer free delivery all over Australia.

Check the list below for a variety of budget-friendly gift options.


Every employee strives to be organised and you can help them by gifting them our eco-friendly fully recycled notepads. They include a matching pen, and you can buy 100 pieces for under 10 dollars a piece.

Reusable coffee cups

Who doesn’t need caffeine in the morning before starting work? Our reusable coffee cups are affordable, useful and sustainable.

They have a secure fitting comfort lid that will ensure your coffee never leaks. Moreover, the double walls keep your beverage hot for a long time, and they’re available in a variety of colours. You can buy 250 pieces for approximately 7 dollars per unit.

Metal and plastic pens

Even though we’re living in a highly digitalised world, there are still times when we need to use good old-fashioned pens. You can choose from our range of metal and plastic pens to gift employees an item that’s essential for their professional lives.

They are also extremely friendly to your budget, at about 2 dollars each for 100 pieces for metal pens and about 5 dollars each for plastic ones.

Jackets and outerwear

With winter just around the car, be proactive and reward your employees’ hard work ethic using our range of stylish jackets and comfortable hoodies. Prices vary for each product, but you can buy 200 pieces for 50 to 80 dollars each.

For more corporate gifts for promotions, you can browse through our list of all products offered or get a quote by contacting us here or calling at 08 9284 3322.