Product of the Month: Beanies

Being the most versatile and popular option during this time of year, winter wear such as jackets and especially beanies are flying off the shelves.

But with the prices soaring sky high, companies are using this opportunity to make a positive impression on potential customers while providing them with what they need.

Beanies are a popular promotional product. And with the cooler months finally upon us, companies are considering the best type of winter wear to create some brand awareness.

In fact, you may have already noticed many companies offering their brands on this protective headwear. But apart from the free aspect of these gifts, why else have beanies become popular as promotional gifts?

We dive into the details!

Why Beanies are the Perfect Promotional Products

People Hold on to Winter Wear Longer

Winter lasts for a shorter time in Australia than the rest of the seasons, so it’s obvious that we go through a lot more summer clothes than winter clothes.

This is why storing winter wear such as beanies comes in handy. By offering beanies to your customers, you offer a mode of long-term advertising, which means the message remains in their mind in the years to come.

Beanies are Versatile

There’s no doubt that a beanie would be perfect winter wear, specifically because you get a choice of style, colour, type and cut.

No matter who your recipient is, you will be able to give a beanie that would suit. Narrow down your choices so you know which option is better for men and women. Make them soft and high quality, but consider your fashion choices.

Beanies are Popular

No matter how old your target market’s age is, everyone will want a beanie. It’s essential for people to have quality winter wear. By tapping into this need and providing them with what they want, we give them a solution to their problem. This makes them think favourably about the advertisers.

Beanies can be Branded or Customised

1There are many options for branding promotional products such as beanies. Aside from simple embroidery, you can opt for silkscreen and photo transfers. But you have to be sure that you find a design that most suits fashion trends. This way, the customers will more likely choose your beanie, instead of a nondescript one.

So now that we’ve convinced you, determine your budget and place an order for promotional hats and other winter wear today. We offer the some of the best promotional clothing online in Perth!