Product of the Month: Promotional Clocks & Watches

Looking for a sure-fire way to amplify your business’s ROI? Distribute promotional merchandise among your customers.

According to the BPMA Industry Research 2011 survey that explored the effects of promotional gifts on the target audience, a smashing 84% of the respondents were all in agreement that branded promotional gifts raise brand awareness.

Although USB sticks, electrical items and writing instruments clinched top 3 positions (with 21%, 11% and 10% of votes respectively) in the list of business promotional products the respondents found most useful, one cannot deny the utility of clocks.

When you have a business to run, you ought to keep track of time.

Being late to an important meeting can cost you millions of dollars, while your competitors can earn the very same millions in a tick of the second hand on a clock.

Giving away customized clocks and watches as promotional gifts might be a small step in your marketing strategy, but it can be a giant leap for your business. In fact, it can have a huge impact on the long-term growth of your company.

Why Custom Clocks & Watches

  • They lend class and style to your brand while being a constructive tag to your business.
  • With your company’s slogan printed on these clocks and watches, your consumers will be reminded of your brand every time they see it.
  • They are a perfect logo item for your business branding, expressing your gratitude, or simply spreading the word.
  • They make great executive promotional gifts.

Clocks and watches come in all shapes and sizes and are readily available for both regular and high-end costumers. Their prices vary considerably according to the design and finish.

  • Office & Desk Clocks:With your brand’s clock sitting snugly at your employees’ workstations, it’s very easy to prompt the idle lazybones to keep track of their schedules. That way, they will always be keen on delivering their peak performance day in, day out.
  • Sports & Digital Watches: Sports events are one of those many locations people flock to in huge numbers. Branded sports and digital watches help promote fitness and well-being.
  • Executive Clocks:Executive clocks go a long way, when it comes to creating long-lasting relationships with your clientele. If you want to retain your best customers, gift them a couple of these luxurious custom clocks.
  • Alarm Clocks:People have been using alarm clocks for centuries. Without question, they are still a common fixture in most bedrooms. When your branded alarm clock keeps your customer’s sleep schedules consistent and normalizes their sleep cycles, they thank you every time they are on time for an important meeting or a flight.

From desk clocks to corporate dress watches, we at Absolute Promotions supply quality promotional clocks and watches to businesses across Australia.

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