Product Of The Month: Reusable Coffee Cups

1Coffee is what fuels life. Well, at least, it’s what fuels our mornings and help us face the world.

Sometimes, the aroma of a brewing coffee is enough to wake us up. Other times, it’s the only thing that’s helping us survive Monday mornings.

Perhaps, this is the reason why Starbucks sees huge queues every morning. But, would you not love having a reusable cup to pour the hot beverage and save those few dollars you spend on coffee? So would your clients and customers!

After all, nothing is better than making a less costly choice in the morning. As a promotional gift, it will give your customers enough motivation to continue the day in the same manner.

A daily reminder at the right time!

Mornings are the time when our mind is open to all kinds of things. In a suggestive state such as this, any message sent across will prove to be lasting.

1As soon as the first drop of the elixir (a.k.a. coffee) touches our tongue, the haze starts to disappear. Human mind soon returns to its active state with engines gearing up for the day. That is the right time to get your message across!

This is the reason morning shows work. The radio programs are full of advertisement delivering subliminal messages. You too can take advantage of it!

So, your next choice of promotional products has to be a reusable coffee mug! Your customers will appreciate the effort, use it regularly, and come across the brand logo and details each morning.

Spreading a motivational spirit!

Good mood is infectious. And, so is the coffee mood. Hence, you reusable coffee cups will be great to give a motivational boost.

Everyone will subconsciously thank you for making them feel confident! That’s not just the person whom you’ve gifted the cup, but their families, social circle and people walking down the same lane too.

A simple phrase such as “Yes, you can!” or appreciating a person’s efforts in any other way, can take your brand far ahead. It will work even if you don’t put your brand name and only a simple logo. They will remember the business and return!

Plus, you’ll get some brownie points as they’ll be gratuitous for your efforts. You can expect higher sales, greater customer satisfaction and free marketing in their circles.

Reusable coffee cups at Absolute Promotions

We have a huge variety to choose from. Try these double-walled glass cups or Karma Kup available in a number of colours. They will add colour to your message and make it more noticeable.

In addition to these cups, we also offer a number of other promotional corporate gifts in Perth. This includes highly affordable and customisable promotional t-shirts.