The Latest Marketing Trends – Does Promotional Clothing Work?

There are plenty of product choices available to businesses which they can leverage to market their brand, products or services.

You have pens. You have flash drives. You have bags. You have headwear. And, the ubiquitously utilised promotional clothing.

So, does promotional clothing actually works to yield results?

Let’s open the stats book—and we promise you we won’t be too extensive with our number crunching approach. Just enough to see the evidence.

The Stats Book

The Advertising Speciality Institute conducted a survey of a group of customers in Sydney. They were asked to rate promotional products that they had received in last 12 months.

35% of the survey respondents rated t-shirts as the top most promotional product that they had received from different brands and companies.

Further exploring the furnished data and you will find that 86% of consumers who received a promotional outwear said it helped them establish a positive image of the brand.

The message from these findings is clear:

Promotional clothing does work in branding and marketing!

The next question:

What makes promotional clothing work for consumers?

Why Promotional Clothing Works – A Customer’s Perspective

It’s simple: because they are useful. They can wear them at work. They can wear them at parties. They can wear them at hangouts. Or they can wear them simply because they want to.

And not only are promotional clothing useful, but it also helps them stand out from the crowd. In fact, one in every four consumers, who receives a promotional polo shirt or a jacket, wants to own them because they think these pieces of clothing are attractive.

This brings us to another question:

What makes promotional clothing work for marketers?

Why Promotional Clothing Works – A Marketer’s Perspective

Promotional clothing is an effective advertising tool for marketers because:

  • Anyone wearing your promotional apparel is basically advertising your brand wherever they go. Promotional clothing is like walking advertisements.
  • Imagine your customer wearing a Western Sydney Rams tank top, with your logo imprinted on it. There is every chance that a Western Sydney Rams fan may approach your customer and they will both share their enthusiasm for the rugby club.

Later, the fan may ask about your logo that has been imprinted on the tank top. There is effective marketing right there!

  • That employee, who you hired for your company recently? Guess what; he saw a member of your staff wearing your company’s t-shirt at a market fare. From there on, he established a reference link for further contact.

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