5 Creative Promotional Gift Ideas for Modern Homeware

With the increasing variety of promotional gift items out there, it’s important to diversify your products to increase brand exposure and awareness. Homeware encompasses an array of different items, and it’s purchased globally by millions of homeowners.

In Australia alone, the hardware and home furnishing sectors experienced a rise of 13.1%, with revenues of $10 billion in 2018. The number of businesses in the sector has increased by 8.5%. With such increasing demand, it would be ideal to offer homeware items as promotional gifts.

Below we suggest a few options!

1. Candles

Candles are popular items among homeowners. They’re subtle, they’re elegant, and they smell great. They also last for longer and are items that people actually use for decorative purposes instead of putting them away. Consider offering a range of different scents and colours to suit every client’s personal preferences.


2. Coasters

These are ideal for anyone wishing to avoid beverage stains on their furnished tables—which is basically every homeowner. They’re an item that people will always need, and one that can be offered in various styles and shapes to match any interior. Moreover, with your logo printed on them, clients will always read your name each time they use it!

3. Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers can be carried everywhere with you. They’re a quick fix during times when access to soap or a decent bathroom is limited, and they’re widely used by people to avoid contact with harmful bacteria. Giving these out will not only make your clients appreciate you more, they’ll be carrying your logo with them wherever they go! You can offer them in spray or gel form to offer your clients a variety.

4. Kitchen accessories

Whether it’s a cutting board or a handy utensil set, these items are necessities and would always be appreciated by customers. Provide a range of colours and styles, and offer utensils of metal and plastic varieties to diversify your range. You can also present sewing kits of different colours or styles as these come in handy in times of stitching emergencies!

5. Blankets

Warm and cosy, these are a part of every bedroom. They are also versatile and can be offered in numerous forms ranging from sports to outdoor blankets.

Absolute Promotions offers a range of exclusive homeware products including, but not limited to, candles, blankets, kitchen accessories, and more. We also offer promotional caps and hats along with a variety of other corporate gifts for promotions. Call now at 08 9284 3322!