A Beginner’s Guide to Tradeshows

Tradeshows are basically events where businesses exhibit and promote their products and services. These events are generally open only to the representatives of other companies and the media.

Tradeshows rank fifth on a list of effective marketing tactics according to a research study. For all of you out there who are going to participate in their first tradeshow, there are a couple of things you ought to consider while preparing for it and during the event itself in order to cash in on your presence there.

Additionally,  86% of the audience at a tradeshow influences the buying decisions of their respective companies so planning ahead for these eventualities and contacting the relevant people beforehand could really affect the sales of your company!

How to Prepare for the Show

You need to start with a goal in mind. Are you trying to introduce a new product? Is your aim to increase your customer acquisition? After identifying your goal, follow it up with a targeted plan and note it down so as not to leave any room for error.

Another thing you should do is look for ice-breakers. This is very crucial in order to capture a person’s interest. Sometimes, something as simple as a good morning could really help you establish a connection.

Things to Avoid

Identify exactly who your audience is. It’s not uncommon to miss out on that and start pitching to a competitor. This affects your image adversely. Furthermore, never underestimate the power of knowing who the other exhibitors are. Get to know more about them by taking a tour of the show so you can get plenty of ideas to boost your own market.

Ways to Go Big in a Tradeshow!

Treat everyone who comes to your stall individually. A great way to do that would be by leaving customized notes on the back of your business cards when handing them over to a potential customer. You could give reference to your earlier conversation in these and make it easier for them to recall the interaction.

Also arrange for executive promotional gifts for the people who come to your booth. This is particularly crucial since a study shows that 85% of the people only remembered names of the companies who gave them some sort of promotional item. These tactics will really help them remember you during the follow-up. Keep spare giveaways, laptops, batteries, cords and chargers as a backup to prepare for an unfavourable eventuality.

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