Promotional Products for Millennials

If you want to reach a millennial’s heart, you have to think like one.

Think of all things that millennials love to do. Here’s a list:

And a few of the things that they don’t love is seeing their phone at 1% battery and anything that threatens to kill their vibe. This is a valuable cue for businesses that wish to target millennial buyers. If you want to promote your business the right way, you need promotional materials that appeal to your audience.

Here are some ideas that’ll help secure you a wide base of millennial buyers that are devoted to your venture.

Portable Speakers

Nothing beats a gift that can add some music to your life. And for a millennial, portable speakers are the answer to that. They’re fun to have, fit in a backpack, easy to carry, rechargeable and the perfect companion for a road trip. They’re quintessentially all things that define a millennial in 2020!

However, investing in speakers might be a deterrent for some. This is where your promotional campaign comes in. You have a marketing budget that can afford to get portable speakers. Gifting speakers to prospective buyers will not only earn their favor but also sell your brand in the best way possible.

Power Banks

Like it was stated above, the biggest modern tragedy for a millennial is when their phone is about to die and they have no charger or power to recharge it. Don’t get us wrong; letting your phone die is not an easy thing. It means you won’t have access to the internet and hence social media.

Your promotional power banks can save the day and be a millennial’s biggest resource.


Tote Bags

While millennials have a unique sense of fashion and firmly believe in staying at the top of their style game, they still prefer comfortable apparel and accessories. They want to carry themselves fashionably and also carry something that looks equally trendy like a tote bag. It’s light, simple and cool. Be it a day out shopping with friends or carrying your essentials to work, it can serve all purposes on many occasions. Your brand can easily become their favorite if it offers something useful and trendy like a tote bag to a millennial buyer!

Drinking Bottles

Let’s not forget that millennials are the first generation in many years that have been obsessed with fitness. They’re overly concerned about their appearance and fitness. For that, they’re going to extreme lengths to adopt a lifestyle that fulfills their fitness goals. While going to the gym and yoga are two constants in their routine, they also need to change their diet.

This is why they’d love to have a cool drinking bottle that they can carry around everywhere and hydrate themselves often. These bottles are handy and compact, and can fit in any carrier. Be the first brand to identify this niche and cash on it by supplying promotional water bottles to millennial buyers.

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