Proof That Promotional Products Are The Driving Force Behind ROI

There are many ways to reach an audience today. Most companies use social media as a way to reach out and engage, however, the results aren’t as impressive.

The impact of promotional and advertising tactics comes down to the Return of Investment of a company. This term refers to the percentage of returns earned by a company with respect to the money spent on a promotional campaign.

2019 has seen a new wave of marketing strategies that includes marketing automation, digital advertising, and other high tech methods to gain the attention of an audience. In the midst of all of this, promotional items are still a front runner in terms of impact while being cost-effective.

Promotional items have staying power

Instagram and Facebook ads only last as long as a person hasn’t scrolled down it, which is a few seconds at max. Traditional forms of advertising like television adverts too become monotonous to a point where most individuals flip the channel instead of watching the same old commercial again.

Promotional products, on the other hand, are going to stay with individuals for at least 8 months. Even Forbes admits to the impact that promotional products have on customers. It’s therefore, essential for companies to hand out meaningful products to their clients and customers. Constantly having a certain product with branding on it subconsciously affects you and drives you to purchase that product or service more.

Promotional products have the lowest cost per impression (CPI)

Cost per impression refers to the cost incurred by a company for running a particular advertisement for a set number of times. The best part about digital marketing is analytics.  Brands know how well their online advertisements are doing with CPI, each appearance of an advertisement on a page is considered one impression.

Generally, with digital marketing, the more impressions you desire, the more you’re going to have to pay a website. Promotional items, on the other hand, don’t work that way. Companies only have to incur the cost of the product and having their logo and message printed on it.

Depending on the category of promotional products used you’ll receive a different cost per impression. Outerwear, for example, is known to generate the most impressions.

The more promotional products handed out, the better CPI your company will receive. Keep in mind that you have to be strategic about the kind of products you invest in. Reusable water bottles, jute bags, jackets, and t-shirts are some of the best ways to promote your brand.

The more attractive a promotional product, the more likely are consumers to hold onto it

Promotional items have, in the past, been considered cheap and low-quality. Customers therefore don’t really use the products and it just ends up lying at home. The demand for better quality products has led companies to invest in good quality promotional items as well as offering unique products too. Attractiveness plays a huge part in how long a consumer will hold onto a promotional product. The longer they hold onto it, the better ROI for your company.

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