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Welcome to absolute promotions blog. A blog about promotional products, the current trends and the highs and lows of a branded merchandise specialist.  I hope to provide a bit of an insight into the industry – the good , the bad and the ugly if you will.  I have been in the industry now for 24 years and have run my own business for 18 of those years.  Ive watched my three kids turn 18 this year (triplets, 2 girls and a boy, born 1996) and I wonder where the time went. I have some good years, some spectacular years and some bad years.  Keeping a business running through a GFC and a divorce has shown me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.  The following blog entries will hopefully entertain with mix of industry insight, humour and be a light hearted look at the life of a promotional products professional.


My Kids turn 18 – I started the year they were born – time flies!

21/7/14 – Quality,  a word I keep reminding my clients of weekly.   As competition increases and the number of people entering our industry grows daily, it means business is harder than ever to come by.  By recommending quality products every time (as opposed to cheap inferior products) you know your clients are going to be happy with what they get.  We try to use brand name promotional merchandise where we can.  Let me explain. There are many great brand names that we have access to that would look great with your logo applied. Names such as Bic, Papermate, Maglite, Victorinox, Leatherman, Thermos to name a few. By putting your logo on products from these brands,  you are associating your brand with quality. You are immediately making a statement about the quality of you products or service. You are saying that you wont compromise and neither should your clients.  Your clients will know that when they are using your products or services, they will be getting the best.  From the humble Bic pen, your brand can go on a high quality product which is a direct reflection of your business. Put you logo on a cheap inferior product and what does that then say about your company – that you are happy with inferior quality??  Don’t make that mistake … stick with quality!!