Top Trending Promotional Products of 2020

Promotional products are highly undervalued, but they are appreciated by all. Everyone likes receiving gifts. The corporate gifting culture works as a great promotional tool for your business because these products have your company’s branding on them are likely to be seen by their family and friends.

The best way to make sure your promotional products fulfill their purpose is to ensure your customers want and can use it. However, promotional product trends are hard to keep up with because they are ever-changing.

Some of 2020’s top trending promotional products have the following properties: stylish, useful, and forward-thinking. The best promotional products & merchandise to give in Perth fall in the following categories:

Remote Workspace products:

The 2020 Pandemic has resulted in all of us working remotely, whether at home or in a collaborative environment. This means that companies now have to work harder to engage and manage their employees.

Products designed to help workers be more efficient while working remotely are ideal for gifting right now. Products like wireless chargers, speakers, and backpacks allow employees to continue working while retaining a connection with their team members.

Products for Gen Z:

Millennials and Gen Z now make up the majority of the workforce today. This makes it absolutely imperative that corporate business gifts appeal to their tastes. Some key factors to keep in mind when

designing promotional products for millennials include the aesthetics, social issues, and innovation.

Millennials are very inclined towards technology, and they tend to support businesses that share the same values as them. Ideal corporate gifts for millennials include eco-friendly products, lunchboxes, and water bottles.

Customized socks:

Apparel items are the best kind of gifts to give because they are highly useful and practical. Customized socks are the best example of this. Not only can they be worn every day, but they are also made free-size. This means you save on your cost when you order large quantities of socks.


Customers love to own items with their names on them, and they are great for attracting attention as well. Unique and personalized hoodies are favourites because they allow customers to make a

statement, while marketing your brand.

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