Trade Show Contests: Driving Traffic

Savvy businesses in Australia have a very different approach to success at their tradeshow. This is precisely what puts them ahead of their competitors and drives traffic to their booths. The key is to create a buzz on your stall so that everyone around is attracted to it. One great way you can achieve that is through trade show contests. This blog will discuss how these contests can be used effectively for brand promotion and increased booth traffic.

Pre-Event Automated Email

The first step towards getting increased booth traffic is to send out an email to all the people attending the event, telling them your booth number and why they should consider visiting it. Introducing contests at this point would be a very smart idea since it will reel your customers in. Also advertise your brand through this by giving away valuable gifts to those who seem likely to become future business clients. For example, a global trade company gave clocks that displayed world time. Since it was very useful and was of good quality, it would eventually end up on the person’s desk and automatically keep the firm on their mind.

Raffle Contests

You can give out tickets to every visitor on your booth. These can be placed in a bowl which will be later considered for a draw. However, in order to qualify, the visitor would have to listen to multiple product presentations which would help the person connect to the products on a deeper level and perhaps, even make become a customer. You need to keep things very interactive, however, as they will only remember you if they enjoy their time at your booth.

Another thing which will reel them in would be participation t-shirts. That way, even if the fancy draw price doesn’t interest them because of the low probability of winning, the chance to get a free t-shirt might keep them there.

Other Contests

You can also do something highly engaging with the visitors like playing fun games and giving prizes which are related to your company’s products. For instance, if your company sells survey software, the prize you give out could be a tablet that is used for mobile surveys. This would not only help you gain customers but also improve upon your brand’s image.

If not this, you can plan out games where the contestants need to answer questions about your products or services and get good quality products with your logos on them as prize. This will encourage them to find out more about your company and put you on the map.

Remember, the key to getting traffic on your booth is good preparation and entertainment opportunities on multiple levels. So we will recommend you to use these trade show contests as a way to boost sales long term. If you wish to get promotional products for your Perth-based businesses, contact us now and we will help you get premium quality products at affordable prices.