Useful Work-At-Home Office Supplies for Employees

Ever since the pandemic hit, many aspects of our lives have changed drastically. One of the biggest changes has been the number of people working from home now. If you look a few years back, hardly 25% of the companies in Australia allowed their employees to work remotely. However, since the coronavirus crisis and social distancing policies being implemented, 74% of the professionals between the ages of 18 and 74 have been reporting for work from home.

While work from home might sound like a luxury, many people did not have a remote work setup in their homes before the pandemic. This has been one of the biggest problems for employees as they try to adjust to the new working norms. The sudden transition to the remote working  environment has many people getting creative to find the right equipment and setup to accommodate their new work routines.

To show their gratitude and to motivate their employees working from home, many companies are now shipping work-at-home supplies to their homes. Not only is it a great thank you gesture for continuing to work from home, but it can also contribute towards a more productive workday at home.

Here are our top promotional product ideas that will increase employee loyalty and show them you care:

Notepads and Desk Planners

Getting organised can be easy at the office, but it can be a downright pain at home. Many people feel unable to get organised and are prone to procrastination in the comfortable environment of their home. Notebooks and desk planners are a great way to encourage them to be more organised and productive while working from home. You can also get them some magnetic notepads that they can stick to their refrigerator to remind themselves of important tasks overtime they open it for a little snack!

Sticky Notes

Who doesn’t love some fun and whimsical sticky notes?

They are extremely practical and can be used for a variety of practical purposes such as writing reminders, leaving notes for friends and family, using them as bookmarks, or adding little notes to your desk planners. Silly and colourful sticky notes can brighten up any workstation and make writing reminders, and to-do lists a lot of fun!


What can be more comforting than a hot cup of joe while you work?

Gift your employees some cute and colourful coasters with your company logo that they can use to place their coffee mugs and protect their desks. Nothing looks worse than multiple discoloured and faded rings on the desk. You can choose from various categories and select stainless steel or glass coasters to serve the dual purpose of paperweights and coffee mug coasters!

Customised Desk Accessories

Giving your employees customised desk accessories is a great way to reward them for being terrific workers and persevering in the face of the viral pandemic. Not only will it brighten up their workspace, but it will also lower the expense of buying desk accessories as they shift their workplace from the office to their homes. There are plenty of things that a new workstation needs such as calculators, staplers, stationery, pen holders, memo pads, paper clips, paperweights, desk calendars, desk caddies, and much more. Getting them customised with the employee’s name and designation will make the gift even more special!

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