How Promotional Giveaways Help Market Your Brand

Companies have been using promotional products for marketing their brand for many decades. We’ve all been given pens, notebooks, mugs, etc. with companies’ names imprinted on them. These promotional gifts remind us of companies long after we’ve received them.

So why do brands insist on giving people freebies?

People who receive promotional giveaways are more inclined to purchase from the brand. Promotional giveaways work similarly to ads but at a tiny fraction of the price.

In the digital era, many question the effectiveness of promotional giveaways. After all, isn’t it cheaper to just send out a tweet? Tweets may be cheaper, but unless someone is following your company online, it’s highly unlikely that that they will come across it. Most companies don’t have the sort of following needed to create a lasting impression online.

Promotional giveaways on the other hand, can easily be distributed to large amounts of people and make a big impression at minimal costs.

Here’s how promotional products help market your brand:

It Increases Brand Awareness

Promotional giveaways can be used in multiple ways. They are most commonly used to enhance brand awareness for both B2B and B2C companies. B2C companies typically distribute promotional gifts when customers make a purchase. B2B companies usually invest in promotional giveaways for tradeshows, exhibitions and industry conferences.

Promotional products can be given away as corporate gifts, freebies, complementary merchandise and thank you items that stimulate brand engagement.

The 2016 ASI Ad Impressions study found that 85% of participants remembered the names of the brands that gifted free items. Consumers were 2.5 times more likely to have a positive impression of companies that gave them promotional products.

It Boosts Customer Loyalty

It’s much cheaper for marketers to make the most out of the customers they already have than it is to acquire new customers. To build a solid customer base, marketers spend additional resources.

From research we know that promotional products create positive impressions, which is why giving them to current customers can enhance loyalty.

That being said, keep in mind that your promotional products are an extension of your brand so they must be of high quality. You don’t want your brand to be associated with promotional gifts that break apart easily or don’t function properly.

Low-Cost Effective Marketing

Small businesses don’t have the sort of budget to invest in large advertising campaigns. Promotional giveaways are affordable ways to reach out to thousands of people without spending much at all. Small businesses can easily achieve their marketing goals and generate leads through events using promotional items.

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