Look Beyond A Logo – Using Creative Messages On Promotional Products

When it comes to promotional products, most companies don’t put much thought into the products chosen. It is assumed that the sole purpose is to market a brand and therefore, any product with a logo will do.

When you’re going the extra mile to have promotional products prepared for your company, might as well make it creative. Take your promotional products beyond the typical purpose of brand awareness. Your company’s campaign and message should be in the minds of consumers for the long run.

Here are some creative messages to include on promotional products:

Slogan or tag line

Slogans and taglines are an important part of marketing. They reinforce your brand in the minds of consumers. There are so many taglines out there that consumers resonate with because of how catchy they are. Nike is a popular example. The brand is popular all over the world and everyone knows their slogan ‘Just Do It!’

Make your company’s promotional products stand out too with your company’s slogan or tagline. Consider making this slogan the main feature of your promotional items with the logo taking a back seat.

The image above emulates this perfectly. The slogan of the company is the main focus, coupled with a hashtag, encouraging people to tag the company in their posts. The company logo itself is being used to create a pattern for the background.

Core values

Every company has its mission, vision, and values emphasized on-site and on their website and social media accounts. Companies embody their vision and values and that’s what attracts customers. The famous Simon Sinek once said, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Your company is more likely to get clients and customers when consumers feel a connection with the brand, hence leading to brand loyalty.

Communicate the core values of your company wherever applicable. Print core values and the culture code of your organization on the promotional material produced for customers and employees.

Event-specific messages

If your company is huge on hosting events every year or multiple times a year, it’s a good idea to have merchandise prepared for the event. Promotional items are a great way to spread awareness for an upcoming event. Hand out these t-shirts well in advance to employees so that they can begin marketing on a small scale in their circle. Have the majority of the items handed out at the event as part of a goody bag.

Other companies might have seasonal campaigns which requires promotion. Have these campaign slogans and visuals printed on promotional items for maximum cost per impression.

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