The Cap that Started it All is Back

The pioneer of stretch fit caps, Flexfit caps were the first to be patented with the stretchable technology on fitted caps. This revolutionary invention redefined comfort and style in the headwear industry.

The brands story begins in 1994  when the Flexfit technology was first developed and introduced. The idea of making one size fits all caps was unheard of at the time but quickly became popular due to the practicality and style of the product.

Since then, the iconic yet functional cap has been picked up by top names in urban, lifestyle and sports markets quickly distinguishing the brand among its competitors as the go to premium cap for many in the industry.

Flexfit caps come in a wide array of styles and colours, priced between $20-$25 with your logo embroidered on the cap. These caps represent the best quality headwear for businesses currently available on the market, you can never beat the original.

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