Top Promotional Products to Increase Brand Visibility for SMEs

Building a positive brand image is an integral part of creating a customer base and running a successful business. This is why more and more SMEs have started using promotional products to generate hype.

It’s been shown that this strategy is immensely effective—research indicates that 59% of consumers have a more favourable impression of a brand after receiving promotional products from them. Through promotional products, you can create a lasting impression on users and increase the reach of your brand.

Although there’s a vast array of possibilities when it comes to promotional products, you’ll want to find a product that works well with your image and maximises your memorability.

Here are a few products you can use your SME’s logo on that will help you increase brand visibility without breaking the bank:


You might not have the budget to hand out fancy metal pens, but a plastic ballpoint is everyone’s go-to basic writing tool and every conference’s note-taking hero. The humble ballpoint pen has a lot going for it in terms of promotional reach.


In fact, why limit it to just pens when there are affordable notepads and sticky notes that you could hand out?

Stationery is one of the most useful promotional products you could hand out, and will help cement your brand image favourably in the minds of consumers.

Tote bags

Every business is doing its best to counteract the effects of climate change in their own small way, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Tote bags are the eco-friendly alternative to plastic grocery bags; they’re washable and can be reused, making them a much safer choice for the environment.

If you use them as promotional products, you’ll be launching your SME as a responsible, ethical brand that genuinely cares about the climate issues the world faces today.


Drink bottles

More and more people using metal or refillable plastic bottles in place of single-use plastic, since refillable bottles are better for the environment and cause less pollution.

The use of reusable bottles has shot up in the last few years, and the market shows no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s a plastic biker bottle or a sleek aluminium flask, a drink bottle is one of the best low-cost and long-lasting promotional products you could use for your business.

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