Why Are People Attracted To Giveaways?

Imagine walking past clothing stores and spotting a beautiful dress in a window. It’s a dream come true and you’re envisioning yourself wearing it! This dress could turn any day into a grand affair. The lace on the bodice and the sequined–

Okay, snap out of it. It’s not real.

It’s a million-dollar dream that’s sold to buyers. Normally, a customer wouldn’t even imagine walking into that store and checking the price. Because by the looks of it, it’s way beyond their reach. But what could really make this dream come to life would be a sign above the dress that says FREE!!!

That’s the effect FREE GOODS have on buyers and that’s exactly why people are attracted to giveaways. It’s a dream that becomes real! Here’s all you need to know about it.

Types of Free

From buy one get one free offers to shop for $100 and get $100 worth of gifts FREE, there are several categories of free goods. Customers don’t necessarily do the math before lunging at the opportunity because it’s too good to be forgone.

This is why discounts and seasonal sales encourage people to buy things that they otherwise wouldn’t have bought. It guarantees sales regardless of the demand for the product.

Similarly, there are other kinds of free giveaways, such as free trials on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Customers enjoy watching shows and hence consuming their goods without having to worry about payment.

While this may seem counterproductive for a profit-motivated business, it’s not. Because even without getting money, their business is getting rigorously publicized and marketed to larger audiences.

Terms and Conditions

The idea of free goods is so unreal that buyers will think it’s a trap. But if you make them an offer they can’t refuse, they’ll be ready to overlook clauses that bind them to it! That’s where the expertise of your marketing team comes into play. Your giveaways should have high utility and aesthetic value so that the buyer is sold on taking it.

And if they’re fully convinced, you have the chance to cash the opportunity and ask for something in return. That’s essentially what the phrase terms and conditions apply means.

This is where the principle of commitment applies: once they take the giveaway, they’ll feel a commitment to fulfill the terms in exchange. This is how a business strikes a deal that’s mutually beneficial for them and buyers.

Bottom Line?

The term free has become such a buzzword in commerce that buyers will end up spending more than they intended for availing that offer. This not only gratifies their urge to buy ‘for cheap’ and ‘spend less’ but also portrays the business in a positive light.

Free goods and giveaways are considered an act of generosity by the buyers. While it may be part of your promotional scheme, to the customers, it’s just a gesture of goodwill. Not to mention, generosity and virtue are human traits that can soften the image of your brand and humanize your approach. The buyers feel like their wants are valued and their needs considered, and that’s the best selling point a business can have. Hence, giveaways are always beneficial if you’re in it for the long haul.

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