Can Promotional Product Marketing Beat Online Marketing?

As a marketer, it can be tricky figuring out where to allocate your marketing budget. The best way to get maximum return on investment is to spend your advertising dollars on a channel that can give you a consistent return while being light on your pocket.

Digital marketing is a great option for getting lucrative returns, but it shouldn’t be the only channel you use. Promotional products help you get noticed by a larger target market in the longer run, and the more impressions you receive for them, the bigger your marketing impact.

A Global Advertising Specialties Impressions study done by the ASI found that different promotional material garnered a differing number of impressions worldwide. In Sydney, writing instruments, shirts, and office accessories were among the most popular promotional items amongst consumers, whereas in Mexico, drinkware was the most popular item.

So how do promotional products compare with online marketing? Read on to find how both channels perform on different factors.


There is a long list of costs associated with digital marketing, all depending on the kinds of services you choose to include. So, if you are advertising on owned, earned, or paid media, your costs will be different. Other determining factors for the cost of online marketing include your ads’ location, the click through rates and more.

Conversely, with promotional product marketing, your cost depends on the quality and quantity of products. Suppose you are unsure about the number of corporate gifts for promotions for your target audience. In that case, Absolute Promotions can help you figure out the technicalities while giving you great quality at a lower price.

With our promotional products, you can get more impressions consistently, for a fraction of the cost per impression with digital marketing.

Return on Investment

There is no guarantee for whether the target audience has viewed an online running ad it caters to. Additionally, the ad is likely to run for a fixed period, during which the return on investment generated is not fixed.

Alternatively, promotional products are a great way for you to get continued impressions on your audience. Giving them high-quality items that they can use for a long time, such as t-shirts, caps, lanyards, and other clothing items, allows the customer to create an emotional connection with your brand. Not only this, but when they wear your products, it will also create a positive brand impression on viewers.

Brand Building

Promotional products increase the visibility of your brand more than online advertisements. This is because it is easy to forget an ad you saw an hour ago, but not a comfortable shirt that you wear every day to bed.

Making customers happy is often as simple as providing them with a promotional product that is useful for them, and they can use every day.

Promotional marketing has more to it than just slapping your name on a bunch of products. You can choose from a variety of corporate gifts online in Perth from this list. To get a free quote for your selected products, you can contact us here, or give us a call at 08 9284 3322.