The Top 5 Most Effective Promotional Products

Promotional products are not just an effective way of raising brand awareness but also of attracting new clients. Given their cost effectiveness, these products are often a promising avenue for companies to explore as they can elevate their status and bring more eyes towards their services.

Here are the five most effective promotional products that companies turn to improve brand awareness.


In the world of promotional products, t-shirts are the undisputed kings. Given the sheer number of companies that give away promotional t-shirts, it is estimated that four in five customers own at least one promotional t-shirt. Moreover, 53% of these people wear these t-shirts at least once a week!

Now if a customer or an employee is wearing your promotional t-shirt out in public, they have the same effect that an advertisement board does, at a fraction of the price! This is why t-shirts are so popular among organisations and are the often go-to promotional product of most brands and companies.

Power Banks:

Given our over-reliance on technology and the fact that our phones discharge rapidly, power banks can now be considered a first world necessity. Now if the power bank in question has your company’s logo on it, it will create brand awareness like no other product on this list!

Often people examine a friend’s power bank intently to try to find the fast charging port, it would do wonders for your brand if they look over and see your logo plastered all over the canvas. This is the main reason why companies give away power banks to their employees on corporate event as it helps raise brand awareness!

Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more popular every single day. When you’re staying over at a friend’s house, these speakers are often the centre of attention and are used for hours on end!

Companies are well aware of this fact which is why they have no started giving away promotional Bluetooth speakers to their employees. These employees will either use them themselves or give them to their children, who will use them with their friends. Either way it’s a win-win as people will constantly be seeing your company logo, and will know your brand. This plants the seed in their minds and makes them more open to doing business with you in the future!


Simply put, USBs are a lifesaver. They’ve made it very easy to share pictures and videos with your friends and family, and have also data transfer a breeze. However, the most peculiar thing about a USB is that the owner of the device seems to be in possession of it the least. Often, it’s a friend or a relative that has the USB with them.

When this information became common knowledge, the promotional product industry was quick to pounce on it. Millions of 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB promotional USBs were launched and the rest is history! Nowadays, USBs are among the most cost effective promotional products in the market and are giving promotional t-shirts a run for their money!


Nothing beats a 15-foot sign with attractive colours and a catchy slogan! It’s the sole reason why advertisement boards do so well. In the world of promotions and marketing, there are very few products as effective at drawing people’s attention as a banner, which is the main reason why this product has found its way on our list of the most effective promotional products ever.

And that concludes our list. Whether it’s a promotional t-shirt you want or a power bank or anything in between, we have you covered! We are suppliers of some of the best custom promotional products in Perth today and promise free delivery in Australia!

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